The Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services is an EMS training organization geared to provide training in First Aid, CPR/AED, EMR (First Responder), EMT and any related pre-hospital care.
Our organization consists of healthcare professionals and medically trained volunteers. We want to make a difference for country St. Maarten and are at your service!

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Dutch Quarter Community Center.

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WIEMS Training Center

To be able to provide improved pre-hospital training to St. Maarten, WIEMS has ventured into a BIG project: building a brand new EMS training Center for St. Maarten.
Government graciously granted us the right of long lease of a parcel of land at Golden Lily Cactus Drive #2, Pond Island (next to the Melford Hazel Sports Complex).
We have proceeded to have architectural plans drawn up, by Mr. Jefferson George, and received our Building Permit in November 2014.
Now we need to embark on fundraising efforts to make this plan become reality!
We are hoping that the business community and the general population on St. Maarten will generously support our efforts.
  • The Training Center will be used to give Basic and Advanced Life Support courses such as: First Aid, CPR/AED, EMR, EMT, A-EMT, ACLS, ITLS, PALS, etc.
  • The new building will also house our Training Ambulances. These ambulances may also be used to assist St. Maarten in cases of disaster, and at large events such as Carnival.
  • For visiting instructors we have Boarding Quarters planned upstairs. Also on the second floor, the terrace provides room for outdoor training such as spinal immobilization e.g. 
Please consider a donation to our account @ USD: 0081761705 02
                                                             NAF: 0081761803 00
Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services
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