The Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services is an EMS training organization geared to provide training in First Aid, CPR/AED, EMR (First Responder), EMT and any related pre-hospital care.
Our organization consists of healthcare professionals and medically trained volunteers. We want to make a difference for country St. Maarten and are at your service!

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Dutch Quarter Community Center.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding pre-hospital and emergency medical training to the community of Sint Maarten, in support of pre-hospital care providers, fire fighters, police officers, schools, sports organizations, corporations and communities.

We also want to provide the community with a team of volunteers that displays readiness to serve in the event of a disaster.

Free CPR demonstration with Sr. Borgia school (5)


Doc Bryson

The Ministry of Health has an excellent working relationship with WIEMS, which is evident in the memorandum of understanding that was recently signed between the two entities. A commitment to work together in the interest of the community by sharing resources and strengthening each other.

The Ambulance Department and the WIEMS have signed an internship agreement, as well which will ensure training with the Ambulance Department for WIEMS certified EMT's. This training will be an ongoing experience and they will be ready to cooperate with the Ambulance Department in the event of any emergencies and disasters. By means of this agreement we will be able to offer better service to the public.

In general we are working together by putting people first and the patient/client center.